High productivity due to versatility, high speeds, ease of operation, minimum set up times  

Small power supply connection and very low power consumption

Inherently low maintenance cost

High tooling capacity – fast setup and less waiting time

Brush tables for low noise level and to maintain perfect sheet surface quality.

17/20/23 tons punching force up to 8mm = various end user solutions 

Individual clamp movement = 100% of sheet utilization

1,500 mm x 4,300 sheet size = longer accurate punched parts


Operations can be handled from one side = simple, efficient factory logistics

Average power consumption: 4 kW = less use of energy

Extremely high servo-electric punching accuracy = less scrap, more production

Fewer critical components compared to hydraulic machines = low maintenance costs 

Robust ”O” type frame for perfect tool alignment = less wearing of punching tools


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